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Typical Layouts

With commercial buildings being one of the largest sources of CO2 emissions, sustainable energy efficient buildings are being designed to be naturally ventilated from the onset. And of course reducing energy usage saves money on energy bills.

Commercial buildings are associated with high internal heat gains due to high occupant density and large amounts of ICT equipment. Careful design and planning is required to ensure that the natural ventilation system can deliver the required performance.

Typical Strategies

Natural ventilation solutions guide fresh air around buildings through the intelligent use of natural forces to maintain temperature, humidity levels and comfort.

A most effective strategy is the use of night time cooling. This relies on external night time temperatures being lower than internal temperatures.

Adaptive natural ventilation systems can introduce cool air at night, cooling both the internal fabric and spaces of the building. Daytime occupants benefit from cooler summertime internal temperatures, aiding productivity.

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Further Information

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SE Controls’ new training centre hosts international visitors

SE Controls, Natural Ventilation specialists hosts training event.

SE Controls delivers ‘Gold’ standard natural ventilation at Olympic Velodrome

SE Controls delivers ‘Gold’ standard natural ventilation at Olympic Velodrome

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