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Royal Apartments

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SE Controls has designed and installed a smoke ventilation system for the Royal Apartments redevelopment of the former Invesco Perpetual Offices in Henley, which has recently received a highly commended award for best new conversion by the Evening Standards awards. The award recognises refurbishments that make the best use of an existing property, its space and features to provide homes for modern living.

The development transformation of the existing offices now provides 46 new homes, ranging from one bedroom apartments to three bedroom penthouse suites. To ensure maximum safety for its occupants, SE Controls designed, installed and commissioned a smoke ventilation system for the communal areas of the building.

SE Controls provided a smoke ventilation system to aid in the means of escape strategy and fire fighting operations. The development was generally designed in accordance with Approved Document B, with two natural smoke shafts ventilating the communal areas. However, due to the constraints of the building layout of a particular area, a certified natural smoke shaft was not possible to be designed due to the corridor length and flat arrangement of the existing office building layout. Therefore a mechanical smoke shaft with a SHEVTEC® Powered Extract Fan and inlet shaft was designed and CFD modelled to facilitate the building constraints.

As an additional benefit to the project, the smoke ventilation shafts were utilised to help cool the communal areas, due to the hot water distribution through the corridors to the apartments. The SHEVTEC® dampers that were included on each floor in both the natural smoke shafts and the mechanical smoke shaft would open to exhaust the hot air via the SHEVTEC® Louvre’s at the top of the shaft utilising the natural stack effect. The automatic opening vents would open when the temperature within the corridors and lobbies reached a certain level to reduce the increased temperatures.

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Smoke Ventilation, in residential buildings

Project Details

Architect: HP Architects


Location: Henley


Specification: Smoke Ventilation System



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